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Equity & Fixed Income Fund Prices


Northern Trust Investment Funds plc

View the Net Asset Values (NAVs) for Northern Trust's equity and fixed income funds.

This information is for United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific institutional clients only.

Northern Trust Investment Funds plc

Fund NameISINShare ClassCurrencyDaily Price DateNAV Per ShareDaily Price Change %
The NT All Country Asia ex Japan Equity Index FundIE00B4NCR763CEUR30/07/201513.62080.5529
The NT Emerging Markets Index FundIE00BRJSWX00P1EUR30/07/2015107.64220.3142
The NT Emerging Markets Index FundIE00B50XVB19BEUR30/07/2015106.02620.3140
The NT Emerging Markets Index FundIE00B5154G22CEUR30/07/2015108.49300.3143
The NT Emerging Markets Index FundIE00B55S3S26CGBP30/07/201596.6018-0.4087
The NT Emerging Markets Index FundIE00B52RG612AUSD30/07/201580.8068-0.6628
The NT Emerging Markets Index FundIE00B51KQT44BUSD30/07/201587.2651-0.6634
The NT Emerging Markets Custom Equity Index FundIE00BH5M0Z46CUSD30/07/201599.3461-0.6634
The NT Emerging Markets Custom ESG Equity Index FundIE00B8MZ9L26BEUR30/07/2015110.23390.3418
The NT Emerging Markets Custom ESG Equity Index FundIE00BH3GZH52CEUR30/07/2015118.93550.3420
The NT Emerging Markets Custom ESG Equity Index FundIE00BJ0X8525CGBP30/07/201593.2857-0.3805
The NT Emerging Markets Custom ESG Equity Index FundIE00BJ0X8B83DUSD30/07/201597.4073-0.6357
The NT Emerging Markets Custom Low Carbon Optimised Equity Index FundIE00BBMT2K53CUSD30/07/201591.2643-0.6055
The NT Euro Government Bond Index FundIE00B02L3B22BEUR30/07/2015172.81490.3743
The NT Euro Government Bond Index FundIE00BRJSWR40P1EUR30/07/2015103.81840.3744
The NT Euro Government Inflation Linked Index FundIE00B61NBX99BEUR30/07/20151.33450.7626
The NT Euro Government Inflation Linked Index FundIE00B61MDD01CEUR30/07/20151.33710.7611
The NT Euro Government Inflation Linked Index FundIE00BRJSWY17P1EUR30/07/20151.03440.7598
The NT Europe (ex-UK) Equity Index FundIE00B02L3891BEUR30/07/2015253.02270.3071
The NT Europe (ex-UK) Equity Index FundIE00BRJSWS56P1EUR30/07/2015128.93680.3071
The NT Europe (ex-UK) Equity Index FundIE00B5N6WK38BGBP30/07/2015175.1019-0.4160
The NT Europe (ex-UK) Equity Index FundIE00B447V561AUSD30/07/2015128.9241-0.6701
The NT Europe (ex-UK) Equity Index FundIE00B6717177BUSD30/07/2015118.2350-0.6704
The NT High Quality Euro Government Bond Index FundIE00B8HVJP97BEUR30/07/2015107.52120.3777
The NT High Quality Euro Government Bond Index FundIE00B7MTT511CEUR30/07/2015108.91340.3778
The NT Index Linked Bond Index FundIE00B02L3D46BGBP30/07/2015243.81870.7976
The NT North America Equity Index FundIE00B02L3N44BEUR30/07/2015254.48861.0063
The NT North America Equity Index FundIE00BRJSWZ24P1EUR30/07/2015129.32291.0064
The NT North America Equity Index FundIE00B5NJQ882BGBP30/07/2015176.11290.2784
The NT North America Equity Index FundIE00B50KJ417BUSD30/07/2015181.64770.0221
The NT North America Equity Index FundIE00B3RD2L79AUSD30/07/2015170.21450.0223
The NT Japan Equity Index FundIE00B02L3J08BEUR30/07/2015186.83411.4734
The NT Japan Equity Index FundIE00BRJSWT63P1EUR30/07/2015133.71901.4735
The NT Japan Equity Index FundIE00B572L005BGBP30/07/2015145.23470.7424
The NT Japan Equity Index FundIE00B3X7PR09AUSD30/07/2015135.66810.4849
The NT Japan Equity Index FundIE00B620BY07BUSD30/07/2015131.82890.4846
The NT Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity Index FundIE0033949607AEUR30/07/2015323.19480.8932
The NT Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity Index FundIE00B02L3G76BEUR30/07/2015321.23710.8911
The NT Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity Index FundIE00BRJSWV85P1EUR30/07/2015111.14680.8911
The NT Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity Index FundIE00B40W1Q65AUSD30/07/2015115.0307-0.0917
The NT Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity Index FundIE00B614ZR48BUSD30/07/2015105.5788-0.0920
The NT UK Equity Index FundIE00B02L3L20BEUR30/07/2015210.82101.3274
The NT UK Equity Index FundIE00BRJSWW92P1EUR30/07/2015122.70971.3275
The NT UK Equity Index FundIE00B02L3M37BGBP30/07/2015136.64630.5971
The NT UK Equity Index FundIE00B3S3QJ28AUSD30/07/2015129.18410.3403
The NT UK Equity Index FundIE00B5TJRX43BUSD30/07/2015121.32560.3401

Northern Trust Investment Funds plc

Fund NameISINShare ClassCurrencyDaily Price DateNAV Per ShareDaily Price Change %
The NT US High Yield Fixed Income FundIE00BJ0JSZ06BUSD30/07/20159.40130.2025

Important Information

Please note that we value funds daily (excluding non-dealing days) and latest prices are listed above. Prices will not appear above on non-dealing days. For further details of non-dealing days please refer to the fund prospectus documentation and latest fund holiday schedule.

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