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Optimize Plan Investments

Plan sponsors are finding that simple often is better when it comes to DC plan investment options. Best-in-class DC plans are easy to use, easy to understand and offer participants flexible, cost-effective choices.

The separation of alpha and beta underpins our investment approach. We believe investors will continue to separate beta and alpha returns. As a multi-capability asset manager, we build effective investment solutions across the risk spectrum. Learn more about our array of investment products.

Provide a fiduciary best-practice methodology in target retirement date funds built on a glidepath composed of globally diversified asset classes including inflation sensitive securities aimed at protecting purchasing power. Learn more about our target date strategies.

Offer plan participants a diversified menu of investment choices designed to minimize risk exposure and increase the chance of successful retirement outcomes.

Protecting Purchasing Power in DC Plans
The addition of inflation sensitive asset classes, such as U.S. TIPS, commodities, and global real estate can help DC participants as they invest for retirement.

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DC Tracker

DC Tracker as of December 31, 2014

Explore insights into how DC participants are investing for retirement.
active risk budgeting

Improve Active Risk Budgeting

Explore how DC investors can achieve their objectives by using strong risk-adjusted return strategies that focus on compensated risk factors such as value, low volatility, and momentum.
balancing yield risk

Balancing Yield and Risk

Learn why ultra-short strategies are in the fixed income sweet spot bridging the gap between yield and risk.

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