This 2010 study provides a look at how plan sponsors would design a DC plan if unshackled by existing rules, regulations, structures and history.

Watch these five-minute presentations that accompany the paper, "The Path Forward I: Designing the Ideal DC Plan."

Defining the Ideal
Defined Contribution Plan
DC Industry
Survey Results
What Does the Ideal
DC Plan Look Like?
Implementing the
Ideal DC Plan

As the retirement savings landscape continues to shift from employer-directed DB plans to participant-directed DC Plans, employees are losing access to some of the potential benefits of professionally managed asset allocation.

Learn why a noted U.S. researcher advocates shifting plan sponsor focus to asset distribution rather than wealth accumulation.

A recent survey on retirement income strategies reveals that plan sponsors don't believe their DC plans are adequately structured to address plan participants' "decumulation of wealth" in retirement.

Learn why plan sponsors should consider individuals' savings and investment patterns with plan design to help participants achieve a successful outcome at retirement.

Take a look at how scenario testing evaluates the robustness of the glidepath within a target date funds' offerings.

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Northern Trust's Susan Czochara speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Brown, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, about retirement income vehicles and how they may be incorporated in DC plans.

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