Achieve answers beyond the expected when working with Northern Trust's focused, committed and experienced DC plan specialists. We support a broad range of investment strategies including index management, target retirement date solutions, active equity and fixed income, cash and short duration. In addition, our robust transition management group can provide services to help optimize the transfer of your portfolios to Northern Trust.

  • Support for plan sponsors' investment program objectives. You can offer plan participants a diversified menu of investment choices designed to minimize risk exposure and increase the chance of successful retirement outcomes. Learn more about optimizing your investment line-up.

  • Risk-efficient, cost-effective market exposure. The separation of alpha and beta underpins our investment approach. We believe investors will continue to separate beta and alpha returns. As a multi-capability asset manager, we build effective investment solutions across the risk spectrum. Learn more about our array of investment products. 

  • Target retirement date investment solutions. You will be able to offer a fiduciary best-practice methodology in target retirement date funds built on a glidepath composed of globally diversified asset classes including real estate and inflation hedge securities.

At the heart of the Northern Trust Focus Funds, our target retirement-date solution, is a globally diversified glidepath that dynamically shifts to a more conservative asset allocation as the fund approaches its target date.

Including extended asset classes in target retirement date funds can benefit investors.

The addition of extended asset classes, such as TIPS, commodities, and global real estate - can offer diversification benefits and a hedge against inflation.

Proper preparations will help plan sponsors successfully restructure defined contribution plan assets.