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Financial Intermediary
Learn about asset management solutions designed for Retirement Plan Advisors, TAMPs/Outsourcing Providers, Subadvisory Program Sponsors, RIAs/Financial Advisors and Trust Institutions.
Learn about asset management solutions including: global index management, active equity and fixed income, target retirement date funds, and manager of manager programs.
Get answers to your investment challenges with asset management capabilities including alternatives, exchange traded funds, fixed income, mutual funds and tax-advantaged equity.
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Weekly Economic Commentary Archive

The weekly commentary is a review of current activity in global financial markets, with an emphasis on the U.S. fixed income market. Breaking news and market reactions form the core of this commentary.
  • April 17, 2015

    • Countries Can’t Devalue Their Way to Prosperity
    • Central Banks Are Doing Some Interesting Rebalancing
    • Paying for the Energy Dividend
  • April 10, 2015

    • Today's Oil Retreat Is at Odds with Long-Term Trends
    • A New Bank Creates Controversy in Asia
    • Solving the U.S. Wage Conundrum
  • April 2, 2015

    • Odds and Ends of the First Quarter
  • March 27, 2015

    • After Slow Start, the U.S. Should Regain Steam
    • Greece: The Debt Elephant in the Room
    • How Can Governments Keep Borrowing Under Control?
  • March 20, 2015

    • What Is Full Employment, and Are We There Yet?
    • Negative Interest Rates Are Spreading Across Europe
    • The Return of the U.S. Debt Ceiling
  • March 13, 2015

    • China Moves Cautiously Toward a New Normal
    • Deleveraging Is Unfinished in the Industrialized World
    • Will Lower Borrowing Costs in Europe Be a Boon for U.S Firms?
  • March 6, 2015

    • Quantitative Easing Comes to the Eurozone
    • U.S. Job Growth is Strong, but Wage Growth is Not
    • The California Port Strike Has Troubled Trade… and Economists
  • February 27, 2015

    • The U.S. Housing Industry Continues to Struggle
    • The “Millennials” Hold the Key to Housing
    • Is Another Bubble Forming in U.S. Commercial Real Estate?
  • February 20, 2015

    • The Bank of England sets out principles for viewing inflation
    • Where is the energy price "dividend?"
    • The "audit-the-Fed" movement is misguided
  • February 13, 2015

    • Looking at U.S. GDP through a different lens
    • Brazil’s economy and its debt rating are under pressure
    • Watch Eurozone bank lending and household leverage closely