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Peter J. Mladina, CFA

Peter J. Mladina, CFA

Director of Portfolio Research, Wealth Management
Peter Mladina is the Director of Portfolio Research for Wealth Management at Northern Trust. He is responsible for the research, analytical tools, and education that support the Wealth Management investments practice. This includes research and tools that inform asset allocation, portfolio construction, manager selection and monitoring, and the development of investment capabilities and products.

Previously, Mr. Mladina was the Director of Research at Waterline, a Los Angeles-based wealth management firm that was acquired by Northern Trust in 2010. In addition to advising high-net-worth clients, Mr. Mladina helped Waterline develop innovative goals-based wealth management solutions and an empirical investment approach rooted in academic research. Prior to Waterline, Mr. Mladina advised high-net-worth clients at myCFO and was previously a portfolio manager responsible for quantitative equity strategies and private equity investments for large pension funds.

Mr. Mladina’s research on asset allocation, expected return, common risk factors and manager skill has been awarded publication in peer-reviewed journals. He is a guest lecturer on investments at the University of California, Los Angeles and an invited speaker at investment conferences. He received a BA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School in Britain.

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