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The Ideal DC Plan May Be Closer Than You Think

Your Actions. Their Outcomes.

We Asked. They Answered.

Northern Trust surveyed 1,000 participants about their employer-sponsored plans. What they said is telling. How you respond matters.

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We've identified key actions you can take today to help participants achieve better retirement outcomes tomorrow.

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The Ideal DC Plan is Closer Than You Think

That's why we explored participants' perspectives around:

  • Investment Selection
  • Liquidity
  • Loans
  • 401(k) vs IRAs

Our findings, coupled with insights we've gained from past surveys, led to steps plan sponsors can take.

In the coming months, we'll explore each finding and recommended strategy in our Path Forward Action Plans:

  • Re-enroll. Repeat.
  • Commit to Retirement.
  • Extend the Benefit.

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