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Can Beta Be Smarter?

Whether you are successfully using a standard index or have completely customized your strategy, we believe in taking a smart approach to beta. Our approach is based on analyzing your needs so we can provide tailored expertise to suit them. While we are one of the world's largest asset managers, we begin by listening. So we decided to partner with Greenwich Associates to hear about what thoughtful investors around the world are thinking and doing in passive investing.

Efficiency, Transparency, Results

We have consolidated our research insights, and have analyzed the results in our paper "Customized Beta: Changing Perspectives on Passive Investing." A key observation is that investors are investing with purpose and that the broader array of beta solutions is providing investors with opportunities to choose the type of index exposure that will best meet their specific needs. We discovered institutional investors globally share many views, including an appreciation for the efficiency and transparency of a passive strategy, we also found some interesting regional differences between investors around the world, including:

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The results of our research highlight some interesting trends in institutional investment management and practical implications for investors. You can download and read the complete reports, by region, by registering here.

By actively listening to what's happening in your business and understanding your changing needs, we are better able to provide you with answers beyond the expected.

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