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Jim McDonald on Decisions ... When, and When Not, to Act

May 2, 2016: We've made two key investment decisions this year – maintaining our equity exposure despite the rough start to the year, and increasing our recommended exposure to emerging market equities. What was the decision process behind these moves?

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Bloomberg TV: Wise to Pause, Not Sell in May and Go Away

May 4, 2016

Katie Nixon, Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer, talks about her investment strategy as she expects better earnings in the second half of the year and her outlook for a slow rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve.

Washington Post: What to do with the extra cash in your bank account

April 27, 2016

Before you throw every free dollar into your retirement account, you should make sure you have enough money on hand to pay for other expenses that might come up sooner, says Deiken Maloney, a director with Northern Trust Wealth Management.