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Northern Trust’s Five-Year Investment Outlook: Amid Steady Global Growth, Stocks Remain Attractive Despite Elevated Valuations; No Bond Bubble

September 13, 2017 | Chicago

The global economy will experience 2.4% real average annualized growth over the next five years, according to Northern Trust’s Capital Market Assumptions five-year investment outlook, a report that informs the investment decisions for the $1 trillion managed by the firm. While acknowledging that equity valuations are high in developed markets, the forecast projects that steady economic growth along with low inflation will keep stocks attractive since these conditions are conducive to strong earnings and support high valuations. The highest regional average annualized return is forecast for emerging markets, at 8.4%, followed by: 7.2% for Europe; 6.6% for the U.K.; 6.0% for Japan; and 5.9% for the U.S.

Katie Nixon: Global Valuations: What Goes Up Doesn’t Always Come Down

September 18, 2017

With stocks across the U.S., Europe, Japan and the emerging markets breaching their historic average valuations, some wonder when gravity will take hold and bring things back to average levels. Katie Nixon explains.

The Fed Looks to Rebalance

Our Chief Economist, Carl R. Tannenbaum, discusses the Fed's balance sheet, potential impact to the economy if the Fed allows its investments to run-off, if the Fed will try to get back to pre-economic crisis levels, and if the Fed should simply sell its securities to reach its new target.