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Front Office Solutions

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Discover the latest insights from Front Office Solutions

Front Office Solutions Insights

How about a resolution to fix your investment data issues at the source this year?

The Proof Is in the Data When It Comes to DEI

Access to comprehensive data can help allocators monitor progress toward diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Increased use of alternative investments (alts) has created new hurdles for the front office at many institutions, but they can be quickly and effectively addressed.

Melanie Pickett, Head of Front Office Solutions and Paul Fahey, Head of Investment Data Science join the Appetite for Disruption podcast to discuss how a traditional financial services company thinks about and engages with FinTech

Healthcare Alternative Remedies

Considering Alternative Remedies

How Healthcare Organizations’ Pivot to Alternative Assets Can Present Operational Indigestion.

ESG requirements are increasing the scope of investment operations and asset owners face the need for scale, capabilities, and transparency.

Northern Trust hosts a panel of three female CIO’s to talk about their DE&I journeys. The panel is moderated by our own Melanie Pickett.

In our three-part webinar series, our panel of experts discuss the evolving landscape of alternative investing and how artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and data management are driving the digitization of alternatives.

As asset owners have increased their allocations to alternative assets, many have been challenged in aggregating an accurate picture of their portfolios. New technology solutions can change that experience.

For too long, institutional investors have been stuck with technology developed for and by asset managers. Not anymore.

Learn how Northern Trust Front Office Solutions developed a data integration solution for CIOs.

Investors in alternatives no longer need to settle for an exercise in frustration in order to calculate their true net returns.


Operational Risk Management Service Insights

Anchoring Crypto Investment Strategies With Capable Partners

Developments in the crypto space are presenting significant innovation and change. However, for institutional-grade investing through hedge funds or interest in direct participation, the right operational components should be in place before and after a decision is made to invest.

Transforming Hedge Funds Through Digitization

The impact of digitization in the hedge fund and alternative investment space is taking effect right now. Technologies in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain applications, and data management are impacting investment and operational functions.

New, untraditional investors are rushing to the private capital industry, becoming familiar and growing interest within the asset class. But even with increasing sophistication and emerging technologies, both managers and investors encounter hurdles in the valuation process.

In 2020, asset managers adjusted to the new normal. What new trends are apparent and how will they impact operational risk in the year ahead?

Investor appetite for increased transparency and how operational due diligence can help provide assurances in private market investment practices.

As investors seek private market opportunities in volatile times, operational due diligence empowers their decisions.

Magnifying glass

The third installment of this article series considers how the practice of operational due diligence has transitioned during the pandemic and where it will go from here.

The second installment of this article series discusses lessons from the Global Financial Crisis and their impact on operational due diligence approaches today.



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Front Office Solutions

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