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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing Built for Your Goals

2022 Stewardship Report

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ESG Vector Score

A new measurement that assesses financially relevant ESG-related risks.

Northern Trust offers a range of solutions to meet the sustainable investing objectives and targeted outcome for investors globally. Offerings cover equity, fixed income and real assets, leverage our global depth & expertise in quantitative active and index investing and are available in vehicles and structures to suit the needs of institutional and individual investors.

  • Exclusionary Screening: Strategies that avoid investing in companies based on specific business activities, values or risk use environmental, social & corporate governance (ESG) criteria and analytics. These types of investment strategies may also incorporate a norms-based exclusion approach relative to principles from the UN Global Compact.
  • Best-in-Class: Products that seek to invest in those companies that are leaders in implementing ESG or Sustainable Investing principles and avoid those companies who may be lagging in this area.
  • ESG Integration: Strategies that incorporate ESG considerations across business activities and investments to target companies exhibiting both financial and non-financial sustainability; eliminating exposure to companies involved in objectionable business lines, and avoiding exposure to the least financially sustainable companies.
  • Proxy Voting and Engagement: We advocate for strong corporate governance practices that we believe will create and sustain long-term value for our clients. Read our Proxy Voting and Engagement policy.

An Extensive Range of ESG Strategies and Products

Innovative solutions incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria and available in index and quantitative strategies.

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*Best-in-class ESG is industry terminology referring to an investment approach that selects companies that are leaders in implementing ESG.



A sustainably designed quantitative approach to investing at the intersection of high-quality and highly rated ESG companies.

All investments involve risks, including possible loss of principal.