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Network and connect with other employees

To support our global business strategy, and to enhance employees’ professional networks, Northern Trust sponsors a number of business resource councils (affinity groups) with an executive advisor, including:

  • Advancing Professionals Resource Council
  • Asian Leadership Business Resource Council
  • Black Business Resource Council
  • Disability Business Resource Council
  • Experienced Professionals Business Resource Council
  • Latin Heritage Leadership Council
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Business Resource Council
  • Military Appreciation & Assistance Resource Council
  • Women in Leadership Business Resource Council
  • Working Families Business Resource Council

Each business resource council is employee initiated, governed, and led. Membership is open to any Northern Trust employee in our global divisions who shares an affinity for the mission of the group.


Why Resource Councils?

With identity and appreciation as the mutual ground, each business resource council:

  • Connects employees from different backgrounds
  • Provides networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Motivates acquisition and application of employee skills
  • Reflects Northern Trust’s commitment to building a work environment that is responsive to and inclusive of employees’ diverse identities, beliefs and interests

Additionally, Northern Trust’s business resource councils will consult on business development and strategy across communities and demographic groups, and serve as liaisons to prospective and existing clients.