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Building Smart Portfolios with Northern Funds


Featured Funds

Northern Global Tactical Asset Allocation Fund (BBALX)
A transparent, globally diversified and cost-efficient turnkey strategy designed to help maximize portfolio efficiency while adapting to changing market/economic conditions. Fund objective: Capital appreciation and current income.

Northern U.S Quality ESG Fund (NUESX)
A thoughtfully-designed, quantitative approach to investing. By integrating quality and ESG factors, the fund seeks to improve risk-adjusted returns by targeting companies of higher quality, above-peer group ESG ratings and smaller carbon footprint. Fund Objective: Capital appreciation

Northern Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund (NUSFX)
The Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund seeks to generate higher yields than money market funds with less volatility than short duration bond funds. It is intended for investors with an investment horizon of at least one year and strives to maintain a six - eighteen month average maturity, under normal circumstances, with a maximum security maturity of three years. The Fund's investment objective is total return.


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