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Insights for the Unexpectedly Single

Major life changes can be among our most demanding experiences. Prepare for your next chapter with expert advice.

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Unexpectedly Single

Navigating new circumstances requires understanding the choices you are likely to face, building the right team and, often, a positive approach to change.

Wealth Planning With Purpose

Ensure your plan reflects the goals and intentions of your family with a new approach to wealth planning. Through a collaborative process with you and your attorneys, we will help you achieve the vision for your wealth, as intended.

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Guided by the Northern Trust Institute’s evidence-based approach, our advisors can recommend strategies that have proven most effective for clients like you. Request a meeting to begin improving your plan.

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About the Institute

The Northern Trust Institute is a collaboration of more than 175 experts who harness insights from real-world client outcomes and equip our clients with advice that is tested, meaningful and timely.