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Front Office Solutions

On a mission to empower asset owners.

Sophisticated, multi-asset class investors deserve high-tech and high-touch data management solutions for their middle and front offices. Northern Trust Front Office Solutions is engineered to efficiently evaluate portfolios, acquire better insights and mitigate operational risk to power investment decisions.

 Designed for modern and diverse portfolios, this cloud-based platform features an exceptional range of functionality and customization options to empower asset owners performing asset allocation, manager selection and direct investing in-house.

 Front Office Solutions is an integrated digital and service solution ideal for asset allocators with:

  • Complex portfolios and a large exposure to alternative assets
  • Dedicated in-house investment teams
  • A need for a unified platform



Delivering What You Need

A holistic digital and service solution for modern institutional portfolios fit for purpose to enable data integration, team collaboration and portfolio analysis.


  • A single source of accurate and complete data
  • Greater access to the data you need, how and when you need it
  • Completely customized to your investment process


  • More automation, fewer manual tasks to drive operational efficiency
  • Expertise and consultation from partners who understand your business
  • Visibility across teams and asset classes to enable collaboration


  • Understand with confidence the true health of your portfolio, including exposure and liquidity in a detailed fashion
  • Analyze multiple factors to chart the best course forward
  • Model multiple scenarios to better understand the impact of your decisions and market volatility


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Shared Digital + Service Platform

Learn how our digital and service platform can answer your questions on Asset Allocation, Investment Strategy, Scenario Planning and Decision Efficiency.


Industry Leadership


Trends in Asset Servicing

The third installment of this article series considers how the practice of operational due diligence has transitioned during the pandemic and where it will go from here.

Volatile financial markets may force investors to make difficult decisions. As investors rush for liquidity, a third-party ODD service can allow them to assess their investment options and risk criteria quickly.

Melanie Pickett

Melanie Pickett

Practice Executive, Head of Front Office Solutions
Melanie joined Northern Trust in January 2017, charged with creating a new line of business within asset servicing centered on meeting the operational and technology needs of complex asset allocators across the globe.


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