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Tax-Exempt Portfolios Customized for Investor Needs

Municipal fixed income strategies tailored to emphasize principal preservation, income and liquidity.

At Northern Trust Asset Management, municipal fixed Income strategies are constructed with the goal of generating consistent risk-adjusted performance. We emphasize the client's unique tax situation, preserving principal, generating current income and providing liquidity.

As active bond managers, managing credit risk is the cornerstone of our fundamental research process. We seek to add value with yield curve positioning, sector and structure and state analysis and disciplined risk management.


Why Northern Trust Asset Management for Municipal Fixed Income?


  • Extensive, global, fundamental credit research and risk management
  • Deep integrated team across research, portfolio management, trading & risk
  • High-quality, well-diversified fixed income portfolios backed by 40 years of experience


Key facts:

  • Municipal Fixed Income asset under management: $33.8B*
  • High-quality, high-yield and state-specific strategies in separate accounts and mutual funds
  • Active, structured and laddered managed account portfolios to meet investor objectives

*As of September 30, 2021. Source: Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM) Finance.


A Flexible Platform Actively Seeking Relative Value in Municipal Bonds

Multiple strategies - laddered, structured and active bond portfolios - to meet specific client objectives



Proprietary Municipal Research Seeking Relative Value in Municipal Bonds


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