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Put Global Themes in Action

Strategic asset allocation, timely tactical adjustments and broad diversification drive returns across changing markets and evolving economies.

Grounded in our time-tested strategic asset allocation discipline, the strategy includes allocations to a variety of global asset classes – including real assets – for broad diversification and enhanced risk management. Tactical adjustments are made periodically to help confirm the allocation remains aligned with evolving investment views as market and economic conditions change. In addition, by using ETFs as the underlying investment vehicles, the strategy seeks to achieve risk, cost and tax efficiencies while providing enhanced transparency into fund holdings.

Why Northern Trust for Global Asset Allocation?

  • Employ a “forward-looking, historically aware” approach informed by extensive research.
  • Construct portfolios to include real assets to enhance stability and manage inflation risk.
  • Use targeted exposure ETFs to keep risks and costs down while maintaining efficiency.
  • Incorporate six key factors-quality, value, volatility, yield, size and momentum-to drive better potential outcomes.
  • Take advantage of tactical opportunities when markets misprice assets.

Risk-Controlled Tactical Asset Allocation

An optimal strategic allocation serves as a foundation with tactical adjustments seeking to capitalize on near-term financial market opportunities.


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