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U.S. Quality ESG


NAV AS OF 10/23/20

NUEIXClass I Shares



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For those investors who are socially conscious, the U.S. Quality ESG Fund may be the Fund for you. This Fund seeks to invest in high-quality companies that are industry leaders with regards to their environmental, social and government practices. These standards can help protect the environment and foster more favorable living conditions for future generations. Their practices might include; stewardship of the environment, service to local communities and society at large, commitments to higher labor standards, focus on safe, high-quality products and exemplary and ethical management.

Fund Objective

Capital Appreciation

Fund Strategy

The strategy uses a proprietary multi-factor model based on rigorous academic and empirical research to target high-quality and highly-rated ESG U.S. large- and mid-cap companies. Using a quantitative, factor based approach, the strategy seeks to invest in companies that: meet certain criteria for ESG sustainability and exhibit strong business fundamentals, solid management, and reliable cash flows.

Investor Profile

If you are an investor who wants to invest in a high-quality, diversified portfolio of large- and mid-cap companies in North America that are selected based on sector ranking of environmental, social, government and financial factors, you may find this Fund attractive.

Risk/Reward Potential

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