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Stewardship Codes

The Dutch Stewardship Code

Effective stewardship is very important to Northern Trust. We hereby state that we believe that we are compliant with the Dutch Stewardship Code for all principles that apply.

Actief stewardship is zeer belangrijk voor Northern Trust. Wij zijn hierbij van mening dat wij voldoen aan de Nederlandse Stewardship Code voor alle principes die van toepassing zijn.

The U.K. Stewardship Code 

Our approach to stewardship has afforded us a Tier 1 status by the Financial Reporting Council in the UK. Read our Stewardship Statement to understand how we undertake these responsibilities.

The U.K. Stewardship Code Statement [PDF]

Engagement Principles

NTAM Engagement Policy [PDF]

Since 2015 Northern Trust has incorporated an engagement program into our UCITS funds with Hermes EOS, providing an opportunity to engage with companies, to seek ways to improve their sustainability performance.

EMEA and APAC Pooled Funds Engagement Policy [PDF]

List of funds to which the APAC and EMEA Pooled Funds Policy applies [PDF]


Engagement Reports

EOS Annual Engagement Statistics 2020 - Northern Trust Asset Management [PDF] 

EOS 2020 Engagement List of Northern Trust Asset Management Companies, by Theme [PDF]

NTAM 2020 Annual Report on Stewardship [PDF]

Hermes EOS Quarterly Engagement Report [PDF]

Hermes EOS Annual Engagement Review [PDF]

Use the links below to view the full suite of Hermes EOS Quarterly and Annual Engagement Reports on all applicable Northern Trust Funds.



Proxy Voting

Our approach to voting proxies is to ensure that the manner in which shares are voted is in the best interests of clients and the value of the investment.

Visit our proxy voting page to review our proxy voting policy and how we have voted.


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