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Jim McDonald: 2018 Outlook: Global Momentum

January 12, 2018: The global economy is showing broad momentum and inflation is putting little pressure on monetary policy. Can this global momentum continue in 2018? Jim McDonald explains.

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Diversify With Select Hedge Fund Strategies

January 9, 2018

A hedge fund allocation can provide diversification benefits to stock/bond portfolios. But you have to be highly selective.

Lucky Number 13: Clear Up 13 GST Tax Misconceptions

January 4, 2018

Bad rap. Crazy talk. Urban myth. That is how this author would classify most of the things said about Subtitle B, Chapter 13 of the IRC, also known as the generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax (also referred to as “Chapter 13” in this article). Forty-plus years following the GST tax’s introduction into the Code, the hits still keep coming. This piece explores several false assumptions made about the GST tax.