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The Digitization of Alternatives

Emerging technologies are changing the way investors do business.

Front Office Solutions

A holistic digital and service solution for modern institutional portfolios, fit for purpose to enable data integration, team collaboration and portfolio analysis.

Alternative Asset Services

Northern Trust offers a complete range of solutions to help you stay aligned with changing markets.

The wave of digitization and the application of technology in the alternatives space is transforming this complex asset class from relying on manual operational processes to using automated solutions.

The Digitization of Alternatives

In our three-part webinar series, our panel of experts discuss the evolving landscape of alternative investing and how artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and data management are driving the digitization of alternatives.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence capabilities are providing promising applications to alts investing, but what should an allocator consider when looking at the technology solutions currently available? What are the challenges of unstructured data coming from disparate sources and how does AI help normalize these processes and result in higher quality data? In this session, learn more about adopting new technologies in alternatives investing, regulatory considerations and what is next.


Blockchain and DeFi

The industry transformation attributed to blockchain is apparent through how the technology is improving securities settlement and clearing. In this second session learn about the benefits of blockchain technology and examples of efficiencies taking place in alternatives asset servicing. Also learn about fundamental changes in the marketplace and understand where decentralized finance fits in.


Data Management

The alternatives industry has had a reputation of being opaque with data and information sharing. Both investors and managers are learning they need to set new terms on transparency and data management. The final webinar in our series explores what to do with all the data available and the associated challenges, including the implications for security concerns and other risk.


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