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A Global Fiduciary Partner for Complex Portfolios

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Hiring an OCIO?

Here are the three reasons why you should consider an asset manager.

Engage 360 Fund

It’s time to move beyond a two-dimensional view of diversity investing. Learn more about our approach implemented within the Engage360 Fund.

As one of the world’s largest* and most experienced providers of outsourced investment solutions, with over 40 years of outsourced investment solutions expertise, Northern Trust Asset Management understands the needs of institutional investor and asset owners. Experienced investors, in-depth risk management and efficient implementation are the foundational elements that power our portfolio construction.

We craft custom solutions that seek to create risk-managed growth by targeting long-term investment themes and efficient implementation through an open architecture model.

The Northern Trust Advantage – Deep Resources, Expertise & Scale

Unless otherwise noted, rankings are based on AUM of $95B and referencing data from the P&I Research Center, as of 3/31/2022.



140+Outsourced Investment Solutions PROFESSIONALS

40+YEARS OF Outsourced Investment Solutions EXPERTISE

*Pension & Investments Annual Outsourcing Survey, July 17, 2023 

**As of June 30, 2023

Risk-Managed Growth

  • Unique risk factor analysis to help strategies remain focused
  • Customized solutions crafted to align with unique client needs
  • Thoughtful tactical changes to manage risk and remain dynamic

Targeted Investment Themes

  • Robust capital markets outlook provides foundational direction
  • Specialized expertise across asset classes and client segments create value-add opportunities
  • Differentiated managers selected by a highly focused and experienced team

Our Client Expertise

Every client is unique, so their investment program should be developed and maintained accordingly. At Northern Trust we stand by that philosophy, and developed our outsourcing practice to remain deeply focused on specific client segments.

Retirement Plans

  • Leading manager of retirement assets
  • Expertise in asset and liability risk management
  • Full range of Defined Contribution capabilities including white label options


  • Focused on growing real portfolio value and spending power
  • Emphasis on heavy allocations to alternative investments
  • Multi-dimensional risk management

Global Family Offices

  • Dedicated family office practice
  • Long history of serving world’s most affluent families
  • Sophisticated investment partner


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Here are the three reasons why you should consider an asset manager.

Read our new capital market assumptions research which identifies the key investment themes shifting the global asset allocation, risk and return landscape over the next five years.

Investors who anticipate the potential effects of the good, bad, and ugly returns are better prepared to understand the process and ultimately enjoy the fruits of a sustainable private investment program.

Suzanne Bernard

Suzanne Bernard

Not-for-Profit Practice Lead
Katie A. Colelli

Katie A. Colelli

Global Family Office Practice Exec & Global Head, OCIO, Asset Management