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Philanthropic Advisory Services

Know and Grow: Fiduciary Duties and Best Practices for Nonprofit Directors
Well-run nonprofits have directors who hold the organization’s mission in high regard, who understand and faithfully execute their duties and make strategic decisions supporting the organization’s well-being. Here’s how to be one of them.
Three Ways to Be a Better Board Member
Three Ways to Be a Better Investment Committee Member
Best Practices for Nonprofit Directors
Nonprofit Boards Need More Than Investment Savvy Memebers

Bolster your board’s resources and development efforts

Enhance donor relations. Develop gift acceptance and grant-making policies. Improve fundraising initiatives. Whatever your board's or staff’s goals, Northern Trust’s Foundation & Institutional Advisors can help enhance their results and help fulfill their mission. Through our nonprofit research and insights, we can help your organization identify opportunities for long-term development.


Having worked with nonprofit organizations, their boards and donors for decades, we have identified long-term development, marketing and strategic planning opportunities for improved donor relations and fundraising initiatives. We can help your organization with the following.

  • Board education and governance. We can work with your board to develop best practices.
  • Spending and gift policy development. Let us assist with developing policies that support your organization’s goals and are appropriate for endowments and capital campaigns.
  • Strategies to meet fundraising goals. Northern Trust can provide practical advice for improving donor relationships and maximizing fundraising initiatives.
  • Grantmaking policies and procedures.
  • Solutions for board and generational succession challenges.



For more information, contact Marguerite H. Griffin, Director, Philanthropic Advisory Services, at 312 630 0677 or

Marguerite H. Griffin

Marguerite H. Griffin

Director, Philanthropic Advisory Services
Marguerite specializes in administering charitable trusts and private foundations, and facilitating family philanthropy retreats.


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