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Quality Small Cap Core

Capture Small Cap Performance with a Stable Risk Profile

The Quality Small Cap Core strategy seeks to provide exposure to small and micro-cap stocks while avoiding those companies showing signs of distress.

The Quality Small Cap Core strategy seeks to efficiently capture the small-cap premium by investing in a diverse portfolio of quality small cap companies. The strategy seeks to exploit equity market inefficiencies and investors’ behavioral biases to generate alpha - while avoiding value stocks showing signals of distress or stocks unlikely to sustain growth rates

Strategy Highlights

  • Invests in an expanded small cap universe that includes micro-cap stocks.
  • Uses a multi-factor model including value, quality and momentum for stock selection
  • Manages risk with portfolio construction and focus on efficiency by managing costs and trading

A Multi-Factor Model with Value, Quality, Momentum, & Size

Proprietary factor definitions, smart multi-factor construction, and efficient use of risk come together to pursue predictable outcomes.


Why invest with Northern Trust Asset Management?

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