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Put Your Strategic Cash to Work

A strategy to seek higher yields than prime money market funds and lower volatility than short-term bonds.

Investors often have liquidity needs that go beyond nine months – or even a year.

The Ultra-Short strategy seeks to bridge the gap between short-term cash and short duration yields while preserving principal and mitigating risk. Investing with the time horizon of one year or more may afford you the flexibility to realize earn a higher yield than shorter term investments while only modestly increasing risk.

Strategy Highlights

  • Seeks to deliver yields in excess of a prime money market fund
  • High credit quality with lower volatility expectations than short duration bond strategies
  • Seeks capital appreciation consistent with principal preservation

Investment Approach: Multiple Levers to Generate Total Return

We aim to maximize return opportunities, mitigate risks and generate alpha by actively managing duration, yield curve positioning, sector allocation and security selection.


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