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More Diversity. Greater Perspective.

Report Your Diverse Spend Data
If you have been selected as a supplier, please submit your diverse spend data.
    Join Our Business Diversity Network
    If you would like to receive information from and be contacted by our Business Diversity Team

      Northern Trust is committed to recognizing and supporting firms that exhibit a commitment to diversity, irrespective of company size, longevity, and ownership.  Through our Business Diversity360 program we seek to stimulate and promote economic development in the communities where we work by engaging with certified and qualified diverse businesses. Our goal is to help break down barriers to growth for diverse business owners, especially ethnic minority, woman, veteran, LGBTQ+, disabled, service-disabled veteran and small-business enterprises. 

      Using a quantitative method to measure engagement, the Business Diversity360 approach looks beyond ownership. Our program has long served as a leader in developing a holistic approach for evaluating supplier diversity by workforce composition, community engagement and how firms select their own suppliers and business partners. This also includes the tracking of Tier 2 diverse spend information. If you’re interested in participating in and learning more about our Business Diversity360 program, sign up for our business diversity network.

      Partner Organizations

      Northern Trust collaborates with a number of organizations to encourage the economic development of our diverse vendors.

      Awards & Accolades

      Northern Trust's commitment to providing equal opportunity for all employees and our focus on creating and maintaining a diverse workforce has been recognized by leading publications and nonprofits.

      Global Business Diversity Contact

      Rosi Hasan

      Head of Business Diversity

      Regional Business Diversity Contacts

      Denisha Broida

      North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa Business Diversity Lead

      Theresa Vijaya

      Asia Pacific Business Diversity Lead


      Supplier Diversity360 Broadens Focus Beyond Ownership

      Learn More About Northern Trust

      Our core principles — service, expertise and integrity — have remained constant for over 130 years, guiding Northern Trust's evolution from a new bank in the growing Chicago of 1889 to a multi-faceted global financial services provider.