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Mega Trends That Are Accelerating Change in Institutional Investing

Change is constant, and that is a good thing. The institutional investment industry has seen significant change in recent years, and it continues to grow and evolve in multiple ways. The challenge for investment managers and asset owners is to identify and anticipate the changes which will impact their future, so that they can solve problems, take advantage of new opportunities, and help shape what is to come.

Going forward, there are clear themes that will bring change, say senior figures at Northern Trust.

Justin Chapman, Global Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Melanie Pickett, Head of Asset Owners, Americas, and Gary Paulin, Head of Global Strategic Solutions, highlight how key themes will impact both investment managers and asset owners and bring changes that will drive the industry’s development.


While many trends are shaping the future for institutional investing, three key factors have significant implications for investment managers:

  1. Growth of Alternative and Digital Assets
  2. Spotlight on Cost Management
  3. Influence of Data Science on Decision-making

For asset owners, there are three key trends shaping the future:

  1. Alignment of Asset Owners to Influence Change
  2. Emphasis on Turning Data into Insights
  3. Greater Focus on Core Values

Download the whitepaper to learn more about the opportunities and challenges occurring for both investment managers and asset owners in 2022.


Justin Chapman

Justin Chapman

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Digital Assets and Financial Markets
Melanie Pickett

Melanie Pickett

Head of Asset Owners, Americas
Gary Paulin

Gary Paulin

Head of International Enterprise Client Solutions