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Asset Management Expert

Richard Bartholomew

Chief Risk Officer, Asset Management

Richard Bartholomew is executive vice president and chief risk officer for Northern Trust Asset Management. He is responsible for the assessment and governance of risks for all Northern Trust Asset Management activities globally, and the establishment and oversight of risk policies and frameworks. Richard chairs the Asset Management Risk Committee.

Previously at Northern Trust, Richard was head of market and liquidity risk; head of fiduciary risk and wealth management chief risk officer; chief risk officer for activities in EMEA; and chief operating officer of Northern Trust Global Investments Limited. Before joining Northern Trust, Richard spent 10 years with Paribas in London and Frankfurt, working in finance, operations and technology. His major areas of focus included monitoring Treasury activities and managing securities and cash clearing operations.

Richard has a bachelor’s degree with honors from Leeds University and qualified as a chartered accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACA).