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Investment Management Expert

Julie Moret portrait

Julie Moret

Global Head of Sustainable Investing Integration

Julie Moret, global head of sustainable investing integration for Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM), guides the creation of long-term investment value for clients through environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk management, effective engagement, and proxy voting. She oversees sustainable investing and global engagement policies, fosters research and product development agendas, and advances portfolio integration across asset classes.

Julie leads a team of global ESG specialists skilled at applying NTAM’s expertise and insights — gained over three decades constructing sustainable investment solutions for many of the world’s most sophisticated and progressive investors — to help deliver highly efficient sustainable solutions. In addition, she oversees the stewardship team as they identify long-term risks that may pose challenges to shareholder value.

Previously, Julie held a variety of senior roles in investment management, most recently as the global head of ESG with Franklin Templeton Investments, where she leveraged 10 years of risk analytics experience to drive the buildout of a foundational data infrastructure platform and weave ESG considerations into the investment process. Julie also serves as an industry advocate on a range of ESG efforts, frequently speaking on related issues at industry and client conferences.

Julie has contributed to a number of industry organizations focused on advancing sustainable investment principles and best practices, including: the Investor Advisory Group at the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board, the Investment Company Institute’s ESG Working Group, the Investment Assocation’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment Committee and the European Securities and Market Authority’s Stewardship, Market Integrity and ESG Investment steering committee.

She has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in international economics from Essex University in England.