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Our Outsourced CIO practice has extensive experience in working with plan sponsors of corporate retirement plans, acting as discretionary manager for Defined Benefit pension plans, and Defined Contribution 401(k) plans.

Client teams are led by Client Investment Officers, many of whom have served on Investment Committees themselves and were responsible for managing the pension investments. Every Defined Benefit client also has a credentialed plan actuary on the client service team to help with the asset-liability management strategy.


Managing Custom, Complex Retirement Plans at Scale

  • Custom solutions crafted to align with unique retirement plan needs
  • Pension clients include open, closed, or frozen retirement plans
  • Strong focus on pension risk management through our team of credentialed actuaries
  • Defined Contribution services focus on optimizing fund line-up to retirement outcomes
  • Expertise with both discretionary ERISA 3(38) services and ERSIA 3(21) services

Four ways plan sponsors are evolving their plans to meet the needs of their participants.

Read our new capital market assumptions research which identifies the key investment themes shifting the global asset allocation, risk and return landscape over the next five years.