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Sustainable Investing

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Capturing ESG and Financial Sustainability

ESG Vector Score

A new measurement that assesses financially relevant ESG-related risks.

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We believe organizations with a demonstrated commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable investing create greater value for shareholders and key stakeholders.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Northern Trust
President and Chief Executive Officer, Northern TrustMichael O'Grady


Sustainable Investing is an investment solution based on the philosophy that environmental, social & corporate governance (ESG) analytics can complement quantitative or fundamental investment techniques so as to mitigate risks or capture new opportunities.

$146.8BNTAM Assets Under Management in Sustainable Strategies*

30+ yearsMANAGING Socially Responsible Portfolios


*As of September 30,  2023

At Northern Trust Asset Management (“NTAM”), we define Sustainable Investing as encompassing all of NTAM’s investment strategies and accounts that utilize values based and norms based screens, best-in-class and ESG integration, or thematic investing that may focus on a specific ESG issue such as climate risk.  NTAM’s Sustainable Investing includes portfolios designed by NTAM as well as those portfolios managed to client-defined methodologies or screens. As the data, analytical models and aforementioned portfolio construction tools available in the marketplace have evolved over time, so too has NTAM. NTAM’s Sustainable Investing encompasses strategies and client assets managed in accordance with client specified responsible investing terms (historically referred to as Socially Responsible), as well as portfolios that leverage contemporary approaches and datasets, including ESG analytics and ESG thematic investing.



Sustainable Investing Considerations

Environmental, social and governance criteria that can be incorporated to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns.



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