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Information and Data Security

How Northern Trust Protects Your Data

We work hard to protect your information. This includes utilizing a variety of technical and procedural controls to mitigate existing technology risks and proactively address emerging threats. Key technology controls are identified, prioritized, monitored and tested to help configure our networks and applications.

    Action Steps To Protect Yourself From Fraud

    A significant increase in fraud makes it more important than ever to recognize the signs of suspicious activity. There are a number of action steps you can proactively take to protect yourself from scammers.

      Your security and privacy are important to us.


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      Stay Vigilant for Scams

      Awareness is the best protection against phone and online fraud targeting your information, assets and devices.

      Staying One Step Ahead


      Learn More About Private Passport

      Discover answers to questions that you may have about Private Passport and other resources to help you use the platform for managing your wealth.