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Good economic news conceals a range widely diverging outcomes.

Explore what our four-year, aggregated global analysis of more than 200 institutional equity portfolios uncovered.


Top Investment Management Insights

Learn what the U.S. election results mean to the economy, how state referendums played out, and the winners and losers among sectors.

Get our long-term asset class return expectations and forecasts for the years ahead.


More Investment Management Insights

Because it could result in further fiscal stimulus without tax hikes, the split government is contributing positively to the growth outlook.

A Pfizer vaccine trial was more successful than expected, but investors worry about deeper U.S. lockdowns that may slow economy.

Climate change is a real market risk in the next five years. Investors should factor it into their portfolio construction process.


Top Wealth Management Insights

Investors sit in the uncomfortable middle – between progress and a long road to recovery. Learn what to expect and how to position during this stage.

The risk profiles of property types and locations are shifting. Work with your advisors to identify and prepare for these changes.


More Wealth Management Insights

Extra caution is needed as uncertainty, remote work and COVID-19 scams compromise the security of your personal information.

How COVID-19 impacts private business transactions and what you can do to prepare.

Seize opportunities to improve your wealth plan during this market downturn.


Asset Servicing

Many investment managers are actively considering outsourcing to a hyper-scale, expert provider as a potential solution.

Custodians have always adapted their operations to keep pace with the ever changing requirements of their clients.


More Asset Servicing Insights

Solutions for the whole office in 2020 and beyond.

Product Lead Serge Boccassini discusses the considerations for pension risk transfers with Edward Root, Managing Director of Willis Towers Watson.

Head of Insurance Solutions Chris Dvorak discusses the challenges and opportunities that data can provide with David Williams, Vice President of Marketing at SAP.



Our Experts

Pete is an Executive Vice President and a member of Northern Trust’s Management Group in Chicago. Pete currently serves as the President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing.

Carl Tannenbaum is the Chief Economist for Northern Trust. In this role, he briefs clients and colleagues on the economy and business conditions, prepares the bank's official economic outlook and participates in forecast surveys. He is a member of Northern Trust's investment policy committee, its capital committee, and its asset/liability management committee.

Katie leads the national investment management practice for Northern Trust’s Wealth Management business from the firm’s Chicago headquarters.

Wouter Sturkenboom, CFA, CAIA, is chief investment strategist for EMEA and APAC at Northern Trust. He is also a member of the Interest Rate Strategy Committee and Investment Policy Committee.

Jim McDonald is an executive vice president and the chief investment strategist for Northern Trust. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic and tactical asset allocation policy for our institutional and wealth management clients globally.

Connie L. Lindsey is Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Northern Trust, Chicago. She is responsible for the design and implementation of the global Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Development and Investments, and Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy.


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