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A binary view of data aggregation, data enhancement and analytics

Optimizing Your Data Experience

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Delivering innovative capabilities across data aggregation, data enhancement and data analytics to help you make more informed decisions.

The sheer volume and variety of data continues to increase exponentially - which drives the need to manage your unique data narrative. Our data experts work with you to understand your enterprise data needs and align Northern Trust's suite of data tools, platforms and services to solve your business challenges.

You may be looking for investment accounting, valuation or regulatory reporting, performance and risk analytics, data management or data aggregation to address your specific needs. Choose from a comprehensive menu of solutions, supported by powerful technology and delivered by experienced professionals.


Trends in Asset Servicing

Latest whitepaper discusses how AI and machine learning can help asset owners better understand their data, allowing them to make rapid, accurate decisions.

Better use of technology and data management can help improve governance practices.

Discover the essential steps to great investment data management.

Solutions in Motion

Find out how else we can help you with your Asset Servicing needs:
Maximize investment and execution potential with our innovative solutions across institutional brokerage, transition management, securities lending, and foreign exchange.
Support your business strategy with the right combination of asset servicing and fund administration solutions for traditional and alternative assets.
A holistic digital and service solution for modern institutional portfolios, fit for purpose to enable data integration, team collaboration and portfolio analysis.
Bring your Investment Program into focus with our comprehensive array of analytical capabilities and consultative services.

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Our Clients

Our Asset Servicing group offers services and solutions to a wide range of clientele. Some of our key clients include: