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Insights to inform your decision making
Front Office Solutions offers a digital platform with customized services.

Comprehensive & Customizable

  • A single source of complete data
  • Access to data when and how you need it
  • Customized to your investment and reporting process

Efficient & Effective

  • Enables greater operational efficiency
  • Access to experts and consultants to enable collaboration
  • Visibility holdings and asset classes

Quantitative Analytics

  • Analyze multiple factors to guide decisions
  • Model scenarios to assess the impact of volatility
  • Understand exposures and liquidity
Our Services

A hands-on onboarding approach

To meet your specific needs our team works closely with you from the due-diligence phase to pre-implementation and launch. Your data is structured to include historic information and conversions, database integration, technical application and robust reconciliation.


Client service

Listening to our clients is the core of our business strategy. Front Office Solutions leads technology innovation through human-centered design and exceptional client service. Our business model organizes teams around our clients under the functions of technology, service, consulting and operations. This hub and spokes model facilitates rapid and effective innovation.


Holistic support for the whole office

Research Management

  • Contact, event and document management
  • Security master for historical, prospective, peer, and active investments
  • Custom properties and views
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Research topic tracking

Performance & Risk Management

  • Customizable asset groupings and models
  • Six return methodologies
  • Performance (lagged and unlagged) contribution and attribution
  • Risk measurement and scenario analysis
  • Private equity analytics
  • Management and performance fee tracking

Liquidity, Exposure & Portfolio Planning

  • Extensive liquidity analysis and modeling
  • Asset allocation and cash projection capabilities
  • What-if analysis
  • Look-through reporting
  • Management and performance fee tracking

Daily Portfolio, Partnership & Unitized Accounting

  • Multi-asset class IBOR, ABOR and TruNAV reporting
  • Participant level tracking
  • Flexible daily valuations including proxies
  • Full general ledger
  • Detailed private equity accounting

Supplemental Services & Notifications

  • Workflow management
  • Private Equity Underlying Holdings Data Capture
  • Repeatable task alerting
  • Investment Administration
  • Data and document management
  • Reconciliation support


See it in action

Want to see more? Schedule a demo with our team to learn more about the exciting features and services Front Office Solutions has to offer.


Northern Trust can support your whole office

Our open architecture strategy is aimed at providing clients with Increased efficiency, interoperability and transparency at all points of the investment lifecycle. Front Office Solutions brings leading-edge capabilities to the front office through a blend of technological sophistication, advanced fit-for-purpose data and deep expertise.


Front Office Solutions

On a mission to empower asset owners

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