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Quality Dividend Focus

Target the Power of Dividends Efficiently

The Quality Dividend Focus strategy seeks to build a portfolio of high-quality stocks with strong fundamentals and high dividend yield.

The Quality Dividend Focus strategy seeks to build a diverse, higher-quality portfolio that delivers consistent returns and a high dividend yield while mitigating unintended risks. Our portfolio construction process and active risk management is designed to avoid sector concentrations, unsustainable dividends (or yield traps) and unintended beta exposures.

Strategy Highlights

  • Targets compensated equity factors of quality and dividend yield
  • Seeks to deliver a high and consistent dividend yield, 1.5-2X the select benchmark
  • Creates intentional risk exposures with sector/region-neutral portfolio construction

A Multi-Factor Model with Quality and Dividend Yield

Proprietary factor definitions, smart multi-factor construction and efficient use of risk come together to pursue predictable outcomes.


Why invest with Northern Trust Asset Management?

We seek to add investment value across several essential dimensions