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International Equity


NAV AS OF 11/28/23




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The International Equity Fund is designed to identify and efficiently exploit short term market inefficiencies using quality, value, and momentum factors to deliver alpha through a disciplined, systematic process. The Fund is designed to create a portfolio with similar risk, style, capitalization and industry characteristics as the MSCI World ex USA Index. The investment management team attempts to achieve the Fund's objective by overweighting those stocks that it believes will outperform the Index and underweighting those stocks that it believes will underperform the Index.

Fund Objective

The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation. Any income received is incidental to this objective.

Fund Strategy

  • Use a proprietary, multi-factor quantitative stock selection model with the goal of providing excess return relative to the MSCI World ex USA Index.
  • Create a portfolio with risk, style, capitalization and characteristics similar to the MSCI World ex USA Index while seeking to provide excess returns by overweighting or underweighting stocks in line with the Fund's philosophy.
  • Actively manage portfolio based on relative attractiveness across valuation, sentiment and earnings quality criteria.

Investor Profile

The Fund may be suitable for investors seeking potential for capital appreciation and portfolio diversification offered by investing in international securities. In addition, investing in non-U.S. markets may involve greater risks and above-average volatility.

Redemption Fee

2% on shares sold or exchanged within 30 days of purchase

Risk/Reward Potential

risk reward