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Vaibhav Tandon portrait

Vaibhav Tandon

Chief International Economist

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Vaibhav Tandon is the Chief International Economist within the Global Risk Management division of Northern Trust. In this role, Vaibhav briefs clients and colleagues on the economy and business conditions, supports internal stress testing and capital allocation processes, and publishes the bank’s formal economic viewpoint. He publishes weekly economic commentaries and monthly global outlooks.

Prior to joining Northern Trust, Vaibhav spent two and a half years as an economist at Société Générale covering the Eurozone market. In his role, Vaibhav tracked and forecasted inflation and labor market developments across the Eurozone economies and published several research reports on the subject. He also published monthly and quarterly global economic updates.

Before Société Générale, Vaibhav worked as a research analyst at Aranca, a global research and analytics company in Mumbai, India.

Vaibhav holds an MSc International Business (Economics) from the Lancaster University, U.K. and a bachelor’s degree in foreign trade from MITSOM College, Pune, India.


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