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Specialty Services

Reduce costs and diversify your investors or customers with our specialty programs that can lead to long-term stable funding sources.

Implement corporate liquidity or retained asset programs with comprehensive solutions that can help you:

  • Earn financial benefits from the spread between your cost of funds / investment return and the rate you pay your investors or customers
  • Benefit from existing relationships, programs and communication tools
  • Gain access to flexible technology and operating infrastructure
  • Maximize participation levels with flexible interest rate setting options
  • Acquire end-to-end support for your start-up or conversion program


Corporate Liquidity Program

Expand and diversify your investor base with a viable alternative to short-term funding. Designate your affinity groups, employees, retirees, clients, vendors and other individuals or companies as eligible investors in an investment program sponsored by your company. We provide a full-service outsourcing solution to implement and manage a successful program.


Retained Asset Services

Offer beneficiaries an alternative settlement option for insurance claim payments. Give the beneficiary time to defer stressful financial decisions at a time when prudent financial planning is especially important. This gives you the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship with account holders while keeping unredeemed policy proceeds in your investment pool for an extended time.

Our Clients

Our Asset Servicing group offers services and solutions to a wide range of clientele. Some of our key clients include: