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Securities Services

Correspondent Trust Services

Drive operational excellence through integration and automation

Looking to reduce costs and centralize administrative control? We can help so you can focus on growing and managing your institution’s assets.

Build long term relationships with your account holders through our asset servicing and investment management products to help run your bank’s trust department or your independent trust company.



Gain a competitive edge with our global custody platform. Save time and lower costs with straight- through processing covering your initial asset purchase through your subsequent sale including income collection and corporate action processing. Free your staff from settling holdings and cash with multiple custodians through our daily reconciliation capabilities. Our scalable solution supports multiple asset classes and evolves as you grow. We provide timely accurate data through our advanced suite of reporting, monitoring, and transaction tools.



We partner with a variety of third parties to meet your needs including cutting-edge trust accounting solutions.


Trends in Asset Servicing

Steve Locke examines the top emerging cyber security trends in 2020.


Solutions in Motion

Find out how else we can help you with your Asset Servicing needs:
Efficiently and securely manage your assets across the trade lifecycle with our global custody solutions.
Northern Trust Asset management is an investment management firm entrusted by investors around the globe to help them navigate changing market environments, so they can confidently realize their long-term objectives.
Leverage automation and integration to drive change and increase efficiency.
Maximize investment and execution potential with our innovative solutions across institutional brokerage, transition management, securities lending, and foreign exchange.

Our Clients

Our Asset Servicing group offers services and solutions to a wide range of clientele. Some of our key clients include: