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Asset Servicing Insights & Research

Asset Servicing Insights & Research

Discover smart ideas to drive Operational Alpha ®


Top Asset Servicing Insights

Alts in the AI Era

Alternatives Watch conducted a survey of global asset owners on how AI is impacting the investment process.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about the benefits and challenges of adding alternative investment options in DC plans.

A New Era of Efficiency: Enabling T+0

Would T+0 be possible today, and if so, how?


Managers are shifting gears to employ a 'right product, right fit' strategy to drive growth in 2024 and beyond.



Weekly perspectives from Gary Paulin, Head of International Enterprise Client Solutions, on market developments and their potential broader implications.

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Explore the latest insights, research and networking opportunities for asset owners.

Data & Digital

Cloud providers are capable of operating technology, infrastructure, and data centres at a massive scale, and building new, sophisticated, and scalable applications at an optimum speed.

To take advantage of enhanced analytics and asset management systems, many insurance companies are seeking new outsourced solutions that will evolve with their future needs.

More Data & Digital Insights

Preparing for the May 2024 T+1 securities settlement cycle compression in the United States requires careful thought, especially for firms trading US stocks outside the US in a non-USD base currency. In this article, Northern Trust’s Kia Oboudiyat, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Foreign Exchange and Gerard Walsh, Global Head of Capital Markets Client Solutions, discuss trading and trade-related FX as part of the same solution.

For institutional investors with ESG goals, data is the name of the game. But with inconsistent data sets, no unified evaluation methodologies and a lack of global standards, investors can struggle to gather insights into portfolios. Data science can help make that easier.

The investment industry is at an inflection point, so much so that asset management chief executives have called time on a ‘golden decade’ for their sector. In this paper, we share key insights from our annual Integrated Trading Solutions Summit.

Driving Operational Alpha ®

Investment data science enables asset managers and allocators to better understand why investment decisions are good or not so good – and to improve future decision making in the process.

Managing an increasing quantity of data, coupled with expectations of real-time, impactful analysis can present a challenge to institutional investors. In this video, we explore the role of digital technologies in dealing with more data, more quickly whilst minimising risk and errors.

More Driving Operational Alpha ® Insights

Investment offices need solutions to keep up with growing data complexities and increasing transparency requirements.

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Our Asset Servicing Experts

Peter B. Cherecwich

Pete is an Executive Vice President and a member of Northern Trust’s Management Group in Chicago. Pete currently serves as the President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing.

Melanie Pickett

Melanie is responsible for the entirety of the Asset Owner segment in the Americas, directing the firm's strategy, growth and delivery of all firmwide products & services for asset owners and allocators in the Americas region.

Justin Chapman

Justin leads Northern Trust’s Digital Assets and Financial Markets group, a single market-facing team unifying digital and traditional market functions and providing access to market-leading expertise, industry insights and continued innovations.









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Driving Operational Alpha ®

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