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About Northern Trust Asset Management

We believe investing ultimately serves a greater purpose and should be done intentionally and efficiently …
… by people who are passionate, astute and tenacious problem solvers
… with the understanding that all investing involves risk and
… is best accomplished by using an empirically based process.

Video: The Asset Management Difference (4:17)

Jim McDonald
"Our asset allocation and portfolio construction expertise provides solutions in the context of a client’s overall investment portfolio and aspirations."
Jim McDonald, Chief Investment Strategist
Marie Dzanis
"Our heritage drives our principle-based approach that advances our clients’ interest first and reinforces our commitment to a distinct client experience."
Marie Dzanis, Head of Asset Management, EMEA
Colin Robertson
"We measure success as achieving investor outcomes and delivering an exceptional client experience, rather than just beating a benchmark."
Colin Robertson, Co-Head of Fixed Income
Sheri Hawkins
"Our deliberate, empirically based approach to product development results in global, innovative solutions that span asset classes."
Sheri Hawkins, Head of Product Management
Maureen Bromwell
"We consider it a great privilege to serve our investors and our communities with integrity, respect and transparency. Our strong fiduciary heritage is a cornerstone of our culture."
Maureen Bromwell, CMO

Our curiosity fosters a collaborative culture where creativity and innovation thrive. Our commitment to recruit, develop and deploy diverse talent globally enables us to capitalize on the strength that lies in our differences.

Our humility fosters strong interpersonal relationships and a willingness to place the shared mission above self-interest.

Our passion for the investment business gives us a clear sense of purpose.

Our focus on competence produces deep investment acumen, subject matter expertise and indispensable functional proficiency.

Northern employees hold a meeting

Our time-tested asset allocation and portfolio construction expertise provides us with a unique perspective, one that helps ensure every investment we provide is efficiently managed, empirically driven and integrates the purposeful application of risk.

That's why investors turn to us when they’re seeking:
  • Quantitative Investment Strategies, built to achieve targeted excess returns and avoid unintended risks.
  • Multi-Asset Class Solutions, backed by our comprehensive and time-tested portfolio construction process, to target desired investment outcomes.
  • Sustainable Investing Solutions, that deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns aligned with their principles.

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We enable investors — from individuals to professionals — to achieve their most important goals, by providing insights, solutions, and an exceptional client experience.