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The Future of Funds

The investment funds product has evolved over a significant period of time, as a mainstay to the investment landscape across institutional and wealth domains. In this paper we partner with HSBC to reflect on some key characteristics, considerations and opportunities we see could arise in the investment fund landscape from the confluence of driving forces shaping the path forward.

As the rise and maturity of emerging technologies such as tokenisation and AI continue to cultivate digital ecosystems, we explore how these may influence the development and delivery of new investment fund products; together with the value chain and the data which enable them.

Additionally, we outline what we believe to be some of the key features and contributing factors for increasing innovation velocity; towards a digital ready investment fund product and ecosystem.

Key among those are:

1. Tokenisation of Assets and Cash

2. Integration and cohesion of ESG data, impact measurement and ratings

3. Infrastructure, platform services and network development

4. Effective utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Dan Sleep

Dan Sleep

Digital Assets and Financial Markets Specialist, Asia Pacific
Dan Sleep, Northern Trust Digital Assets and Financial Markets specialist, Asia Pacific.