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Investment Management Expert

Colin Robertson

Co-Head of Fixed Income

Colin Robertson is an executive vice president and co-head of fixed income for Northern Trust Asset Management. Colin has equally shared responsibility for overseeing fixed income investments for individual and institutional investment management accounts at Northern Trust as well as for Northern Funds and Northern Institutional Funds. Through his leadership managing interest rate-sensitive and credit-sensitive fixed income portfolios, Northern Trust has built a world-class fixed income team, investment process and products.

Prior to joining Northern Trust as a senior vice president in July 1999, Colin worked for Mellon Financial Corporation where he was the chief investment officer of Mellon Global Securities Lending. At the same time, Colin was a senior manager representing investment activities for Mellon Capital Management and the Boston Company.

Prior to Mellon Financial, Colin managed short/intermediate money for Harris Investment Management. In addition, he has seven years of experience as a sell side trader of mortgages, treasuries, asset-backed, corporate, agency and various other fixed income asset types across the entire yield curve spectrum.

Colin is a board member of the American Bankers Association Investment Advisory Committee. In addition, Colin is a former trustee of the LaGrange, Illinois, Firemen's Pension Fund, and a former board member and vice president of the LaGrange, Illinois, Policemen's Pension Fund.

Colin received a bachelor's degree in business from Indiana University and an MBA degree in finance/international management from the Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University.

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