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Networking Opportunities

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We know that families and family offices come in different shapes and sizes, and have unique attributes that require a distinct service model. Their size, complexity, investment horizon and need for advanced technology architecture set them apart from the broader universe of wealth management. As a part of our distinct service model, we offer unique opportunities for family offices and advisors to hear from leading experts, share best practices and network with peers. Topics range from technology innovations and cybersecurity to investment opportunities, family governance, succession planning and communicating with the next generation.


  • Global Wealth Alliance for principals and chief executive officers.
  • Financial Executives Group for chief financial officers and chief operating officers.
  • Wharton Global Family Alliance, a research collaboration with the Wharton School. In partnership with the Wharton Global Family Alliance (GFA), Northern Trust Global Family Office (GFO) launched the 2018 Benchmark Report to better understand the financial performance and operational strategy at family offices. We invite you to download the report and contact us or Wharton GFA with any questions.
  • Roundtables comprised of executives, advisors and subject matter experts, designed to focus on timely and top-of-mind topics of interest to our clients, such as philanthropy, investment trends, education, succession planning and more.

Selected Market Trends Addressed at Networking Opportunities

  • Technology Innovation and Reporting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Geopolitical Considerations and Investment Trends
  • Investment Outsourcing
  • Alternative Investments
  • Next Generation Succession Planning and Communication
  • Best Practices for Achieving Operational Efficiencies
  • Family Governance Solutions
  • Family/Office Succession
  • Philanthropic Involvement
  • Risk & Capital Management


GFO Pulse: Insights and Perspective from the Global Family Office Client Community

Jane Flanagan, Director of Family Office Consulting, sat down with Mary Timmons, Chief Operating Officer for GFO, to discuss family office technology and operational efficiency.

Amy Szostak, Director of Family Education & Governance, sat down with Jane Flanagan, Director of Family Office Consulting, to discuss some common family governance practices.

Dan Lindley, Fiduciary Practice Executive for GFO, discusses the merits of a Private Trust Company (PTC) relative to directed trusts.

Belinda Aspinall, head of our GFO EMEA business, discusses some of the strategies and opportunities that she is seeing GFO clients that have headquarters in Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA) consider in these uncertain times.

Katie Colelli, our GFO Investment Practice Lead, discusses investment strategies and opportunities that she is seeing GFO clients consider in these uncertain times.

Marguerite Griffin, Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services, discusses some of the philanthropic strategies that she and her team are seeing GFO clients consider in these uncertain times.

Dan Lindley, Fiduciary Practice Executive, discusses some of the wealth planning strategies that he is seeing GFO clients consider in these uncertain times.

Mary Timmons, Chief Operating Officer for our family office group, who is also responsible for our family office technology products, discusses some of the technology trends that she is seeing GFO clients consider in these uncertain times.

As part of our GFO Pulse Q&A series, Jane Flanagan, Director of Family Office Consulting, sat down with Mark Maly, the Practice Lead for our GFO Investment Advisory Team, to discuss when it makes sense for families to consider working with an investment advisory team.

As part of our GFO Pulse Q & A series, Jane Flanagan, Director of Family Office Consulting, sat down with Chris Morrissey, Head of Asset Servicing, to discuss the benefits of using a global custodian.

David C. Albright

David C. Albright

Head of Client Development
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David W. Fox, Jr.



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