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Asset Servicing Expert

Guy Gibson

Global Head of Capital Markets

Guy is the Global Head of Northern Trust’s Capital Markets business.

Guy is responsible for Foreign Exchange and Global Securities Lending/Securities Financing, Brokerage and Transitions Management. Reporting to Guy are the Global Head of FX, Global Head of Securities Financing, Integrating Trading Solutions, Global Head of Brokerage and Global COO.

Guy Gibson co-founded Aviate Global Investors LLP in 2007, a successful brokerage business which was acquired by Northern Trust in May 2016 and now operates under the name of Northern Trust Securities LLP. Guy continued to serve as the CEO until August 2019 when he was promoted to the Global Head of Brokerage.

Prior to founding Aviate in 2007, Guy held positions at Credit Suisse, Salomon Brothers, Citi and Knight.

Guy has a degree in International Business Management and Finance from Massey University in New Zealand.


Guy's Insights & Research

Maintaining technology, supporting regulation and compliance requirements, and keeping talent are time-consuming, costly endeavors. Outsourcing services that are traditionally completed in-house can help control costs and potentially reduce risk.