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Gain comprehensive information and deliver insightful recommendations to clients

A-Suite: A Destination for Asset Allocators

Explore the latest insights, research and networking opportunities for asset owners.

Face Value

Insights from Northern Trust’s Asset Servicing President, Pete Cherecwich.


Timely insights on global markets and investments
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Confidently provide solutions

Partner with our consultant relations team to gain market insights and develop innovative solutions for your clients. For decades, Northern Trust has supported consultants with comprehensive information, product capabilities and meaningful insights to help you best serve the needs of your clients.

Capital Market Assumptions Ten-Year Outlook

Long-term asset class return expectations and forecasts for the years ahead.
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The Shifting Landscape for Institutional Investors

The investment landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift, affecting all major asset classes. Having a holistic view of the market while remaining flexible and vigilant will be of paramount importance in this evolving financial environment.
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Stay ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the latest industry trends with the support of our consultant relations team. Cut through the noise of a constantly evolving investment landscape and obtain innovative portfolio ideas through thought leadership, videos, newsletters and webinars.

Factor investing in the real world

The Future of Funds

In this paper we partner with HSBC to reflect on some key characteristics, considerations and opportunities we see could arise in the investment fund landscape from the confluence of driving forces shaping the path forward.

Fulfill complex client needs

Our in-depth analysis, regular reporting and diverse range of products help you deliver a comprehensive suite of capabilities to your clients.

Asset Servicing