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Asset Servicing Expert

Barb O'Malley portrait

Barb O'Malley

Head of Client Solutions Consulting

Barb is currently the Head of Client Solutions Consulting. The Client Solutions Consulting group leverages  broad and deep expertise to deliver meaningful solutions which help clients achieve their goals. Barb is also the Product lead for the Data and Digital product teams for our  Corporate & Institutional client base. Prior to this role Barb, acted as the Technology Engagement Manager for the C&IS business unit. As Engagement Manager she was responsible for overseeing all services provided to the C&IS business unit by the Technology organization.

Over 30+ years Barb held multiple roles within the Technology organization with a focus on client delivery and asset servicing applications. Barb also created  the Architecture, Research & Development group providing R&D services to the Technology organization.

Barb joined Northern Trust in 1984, was named a Trust Officer in 1989, Second Vice President in 1993, Vice President in 1996, and Senior Vice President in 2001 . Barb has devoted the majority of her years at Northern Trust to working on client reporting and delivery initiatives including the initial Passport implementation in 1995.