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Efficient and Effective Indexing for Better Investor Outcomes

David M. Alongi, CFA

David M. Alongi, CFA

Director, Fixed Income Index Management
David M. Alongi is the director of fixed income index management at Northern Trust Asset Management, responsible for leading the portfolio management and trading process for passive fixed-income portfolios. He oversees the management of a variety of commingled and segregated account strategies across a wide range of bond market sectors, maturities and currencies.

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An intelligent Indexing approach and global platform drive efficiencies in fixed income index tracking by reducing costs.

Intelligent indexing is the skill it takes to manage index strategies effectively and cost efficiently so that investors can achieve their desired outcomes. Our integrated global platform is backed by significant scale, range and infrastructure.


Key facts:

  • NTAM Fixed Income Index asset under management: $98.1B*
  • Comprehensive asset class coverage and global trading operations
  • Extensive range of investment vehicles to meet client needs

*As of September 30, 2023


Why Northern Trust Asset Management for Fixed Income Index Strategies?

Our investment philosophy and objective are executed through our three-faceted Intelligent Indexing® approach. A dynamic investment process, centered on efficiency, is designed to avoid unintended exposures, cost and tax implications.


Portfolio Construction

  • Minimize active risk
  • Maximize liquidity
  • Address the trade-off between active risk and transaction costs



  • Manage market impact of trading
  • Research ongoing index events
  • Utilize integrated technology


Multi-dimensional Risk Controls

  • Monitor portfolio daily
  • Conduct both pre- and post-trade compliance
  • Oversee performance on a continuing basis


Global Index Capabilities

A long, consistent track record tested over decades and market cycles



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